Thursday, January 12, 2012

Faux Trifle

While I am on the subject of imaginary and fake foods, this is the lower-fat, fake trifle I concocted when I ate Kathleen Peirce's real trifle and couldn't live without some approximation.  It doesn't hold a candle, but like so many weak imitations it is low fat and will do until I get the real recipe from Kathleen.
Use a trifle dish.  If you cant find one, use the tallest steepest glass bowl you can find.  Cut an angelfood cake into layers, each about two inches thick.  Use three cans of tart cherries, not cherry pie filling.  Be careful doling out the juices because you will want to make sure that some of the juice soaks into the cake at each layer.
Put the lowest level of the cake into the bowl, use the top layer to cut a circle to fill the hole in the center.  Distribute a layer of cherries and sprinkle enough juice of the cherries to make it delicious.  Now add a thick layer of parfait style vanilla yoghurt.  Then put down another layer of angelfood cake, plug the hole, etc until you have used up your cake.  Use any leftover cherries to decorate the top, put it in the refrigerator to combine for a few hours, serve it up.
   Like I say, it isn't the real thing, but its pretty good and keeps you from devouring a quart of cream and a pound of shortbread at a sitting.

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