Tuesday, January 10, 2012


And From Bix, straight out of Bayreuth, Germany:


1Pork Roast  about 2 pounds
½ small onion chopped
1 small dill pickle
crust of a piece of rye bread broken into pieces(optional)
caraway seed
1 small beef bouillon cube
Pinch or two of marjoram
Heaping teaspoon of regular flour

You need a cast iron or heavy pot with a lid

Brown roast well on all sides in butter or margarine
Add onion and stir a bit until wilted
Cut pickle into small pieces and add
Sprinkle roast liberally with caraway seeds
Add enough hot water to come up to ¾  of roast
Add bouillon cube
Cover and cook for about 1 1/2 hours. Let the liquid cook down and then add enough water so you’ll have enough gravy if necessary. Turn your roast once or twice.
When done  take roast out and slice. Mix flour with a bit of cold water and add to liquid to thicken gravy (you may not need all of the flour.)
Add a pinch of marjoram.

Serve with Panni potato dumplings.

This just made me hungry.

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