Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wurst salat

Wurst Salat
  For a vegetarian, this is the worst salad.  Thank you Bix for both the recipe and the joke.  Start with a package of ring bologna.  Ring bologna is a tube shaped bologna, about 2 inches diameter and a foot long, more or less.  Take the bologna out of its packaging and peel off the thin skin.  This skin is generally eaten with the wurst, but for the sake of this dish it is peeled off.  The bologna will be cut into medallions about a quarter to a third of an inch thick, so if you find the skin too hard to remove, just cut the pieces and remove the skins as you go.  Now take a medium onion and cut it into slices very very thin, about as thin as you possibly can.  Break up the slices into rings and intermix them with the slices of bologna.  Now sprinkle the whole thing with about a half cup of white vinegar.  Mix it well, making sure that all the onions and all the wurst get covered at least briefly with vinegar.  Cover and let sit for a few hours or more.  Eat with thick and chewy slices of freshly cooked white bread, like a fresh baguette or other such bread.

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