Monday, January 9, 2012

Pancakes for the masses

From Miriya Bollenbacher:

Here is the breakfast batter I made almost everyday for 4 years at the Gourmet's Market in Knoxville. My base line. My bread and butter. I could do this in my sleep and I have. 6 am, crackin' eggs, making buckets of batter to dress up for hungry old ladies and babies in their Sunday best. Nothing like slaving over a hot griddle to warm up early in the morning! The recipe below is for about 3 gallons of plain ol pancake batter. From there, depending on my timing, leftovers and hangovers, I would concoct daily specials. My favorites are below.


mix dry ingredients in 1 bowl
20c Flour (lose track of how many cups you've scooped while you think about that crazy shit last night)
3c Sugar
1/2 c. baking powder

Whisk wet ingredients together in a bucket:
20 eggs (get a good rhythm going cracking 20 damn eggs in a row. try it with one in each hand.)
add huge splash of vanilla. boosh. beat it.
then add 1 gallon of milk. whisk it

add dry ingredients into the bucket one third at a time. mix and let stand 15 minutes while you drink another cup of coffee and chain smoke before the breakfast rush hits. Have your griddle at 400, tag it with some cooking spray and ladle away(6 oz. scoop per cake). Add toppings to cakes on the griddle before you flip. Flip when bubbles appear and cakes are dry around the edge.

Bananarama pancakes: Choco-chips, strawberry, caramelized banana
Bacon. Just put bacon in the batter. lumberjack stack that shit.
Nutella tower: layer a smoosh of nutella between each cake as you pile them to the moon.
Fruited cake: Add blue,straw,black,and raspberries
post modern pancakes: add cooked, chopped pancakes to cakes on the griddle
thu tran's food party cakes: add leftover pasta (chopped) and ham (diced) to cake batter on the griddle, serve with pineapple!

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